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Opudo® Media | Music Distribution/Classical Piano Favourites – Stan O’Beirne [Digital]


Classical Piano Favourites – Stan O’Beirne [Digital]


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This album is a selection of famous pieces from 19th century composers.

It includes Chopin’s Second Ballade, a journey through calm and storm, said to be based on a poem by fellow countryman Adam Mickiewicz.

Beethoven’s Sonata no. 3 is dedicated to Haydn, written in 1795, one of Beethoven’s earliest Sonatas.

Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie no. 1 is one of the most famous compositions ever, named after an Ancient Greek dancing festival.

Grieg’s Arietta is part of his 66 Lyric Pieces, based on one of his favourite melodies, reused in the last of his lyric pieces, as a Waltz.

Tchaikovsky’s April is from his set of works, the Seasons, compositions characterising the months of the year in his native Russia.

Mendelssohn Venetian Gondola Song, is one of his Songs Without Words, a set of short piano songs published at various points throughout his life.

Schumann’s Faschingsschwank Aus Wien, written in Vienna, and Leipzig for the final movement, translating to English as ‘Carnival in Vienna’.

Chopin’s Etude op. 25 no. 1, commonly named ‘Aeolian Harp’, a wind-controlled harp, was composed in 1836, and published in 1837.

La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin, translated to English as ‘The Girl With the Flaxen Hair’, the eighth of his book of Preludes, it is named after the homonymous poem by Leconte de Lisle.

Chopin’s Prelude op. 28 no. 6 has a melody entirely in the left hand, and was played on the organ at Chopin’s funeral.