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Opudo® Media | Music Distribution/Physical Distribution Service


Physical Distribution Service


Distribute your CD, Vinyl or Merchandise. You send us the products, we stock, sell and ship them to customers. You keep 60% of the earnings. See details below.

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This service concerns physical distribution of musical products.

You send us on consignment the products you want to sell (minimum 10 pc). We stock them in our integrate logistic warehouse and sell them for you on our online store opudomedia.com/store.

Within 90 days from the end of each semester, we send you the report of the sales and pay your share.

For the first 500 euros of total sales we’ll pay you 100% of the earnings. After that we’ll pay you the 60%.

The price is non-refundable and it is valid for one single catalogue item. If you want to sell more than one item you should buy one service for each item.